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Our first game and submission to Indie Game Maker Contest 2017. 

Bounty's Blade is a board-based fantasy RPG that follows the tale of Bounty. She is a monster hunter that must use her wit, charm, and guts to defeat her enemies.

This game is a single player board-based RPG where players travel across the board, learn about the monsters that inhabit them, and learn how to defeat them. Instead of grinding for power, players must learn different strategies and tactics to best deal with the monsters that inhabit the land. All the while it follows the story of Bounty and her mother Rose as they attempt to stop a werewolf terrorizing the region of Spiritwood.


  • Board-based movement
  • Day-Night cycle
  • Dynamic events based on time

We are big fans of board games and RPGs. We had originally planned on making a multiplayer board game that had RPG elements, however we started making board game maker instead of making the game and weren't going to finish. Instead of starting over we worked with what we had, pruned down our original idea, and added a charming story inspired by monster hunter.

Going forward after the competition we hope to finish Bounty's story, and fully flesh out the dynamic events and board based rpg elements in the game, as well as improve the graphics, and add more fun, smart monsters.

Release date Nov 04, 2017
GenreRole Playing
Tags16-bit, Strategy RPG
Average sessionAbout an hour

Install instructions

1) Download the game's zip file

2) Extract to computer

3) Open folder and double click on game.exe

4) Have Fun!


Bounty's Blade.zip 349 MB

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